• Quality Towing, Roadside Assistance & Fast Accident Response
  • Quality Towing, Roadside Assistance & Fast Accident Response
  • Quality Towing, Roadside Assistance & Fast Accident Response

How Do You Stay Safe While Waiting for a Tow Truck in Nolensville, TN? Don’t Drain Cell Phone Batteries & More

Though waiting for a tow truck can be boring, there is some essential steps to take. It is vital to remember that if you stay smart, you will stay safe after a vehicle breakdown. Though boredom can drive just about anyone to do some things to kill time while they wait for assistance, we at Heithcock Towing would like to stress the activities to avoid while you wait.

Don’t Drain Cell Phone Batteries While Waiting for a Tow

A vehicle breakdown gives you the perfect opportunity to catch up on group texts and work emails since you are not supposed to text and drive. Your towing expert may be unable to find your vehicle, and they might need to get in contact with you. In order to give to the tow dispatcher, roadside assistance might call and need more information. Avoid calling for towing service and immediately firing up a mobile game, composing an email or start watching video clips. It is in your better interest to keep your phone data and lines clear and preserve your battery until the tow truck driver has reached you; even if you have a car charger.

Can I Get My Car Towed Without Being There?

You may decide to gather your belongings and start walking if waiting for a tow truck takes too long. In addition to being unwise, this is also dangerous. Especially if you are on the highway or in a remote location, and you could also become a sad statistic, you are not going to get anywhere. In 2013, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that 4,735 pedestrians died in accidents. The safer, smarter option is staying in your vehicle.

Don’t Tinker with the Car Engine when Waiting for a Tow Truck

To play an auto mechanic, now is not the time. Leave your engine alone after a breakdown. Particularly if overheating was part of the reason for the breakdown, car engines are extremely hot after driving for starters. The pressure can cause the piping hot liquid to splash on you, causing burns in the event you try to take the caps off any fluid reservoirs. Additionally, it is harder than you might think to diagnose an engine problem. You are not going to pinpoint the problem if you do not know what a working car engine looks like. While waiting for a tow truck and let your mechanic handle it, stay patient.

Listen to Your Gut Feeling when Talking to Other Motorists who want to Help

Avoid talking to any motorists who stop to offer help, though your instinct is telling you that you should roll up your window. You do not know them and likewise, they do not know you. Despite that you do need help. It is best you do not reach out to anyone that is not a professional. You already have enough trouble with your broken-down vehicle, and you could fall victim to a scam or serious crime.

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