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  • Quality Towing, Roadside Assistance & Fast Accident Response
  • Quality Towing, Roadside Assistance & Fast Accident Response

What Causes a Car Battery to Die Quickly & Need a Roadside Assistance Jumpstart in Brentwood, TN?

There are lots of things you have to take care of when you own a vehicle. You need to keep it running and that means you are always filling it with gas, performing routine tune ups and making repairs when needed. You want to make sure you know how to care for your car. One of the parts of the car that seems to be fine until it all of the sudden there is a problem is the battery. The car battery is necessary to have in the car so that it is able to create the energy that is needed to turn the engine over and allow the car to run. The battery needs to be looked at as well as tested regularly to ensure it is in good shape. There are lots of reasons you may find yourself with a dead battery and in need of a jumpstart. There are times that the battery has been drained and if this occurs it will need to be charged so that it can be used. There are other times that the battery can no longer hold a charge and will require a replacement. If you find yourself with a dead battery you can call for roadside assistance to get you back on the road. Heithcock Towing outlines some of the common causes your battery could die.

Lights Left On Can Drain a Car Battery

One of the most common reasons a person comes out to find that their car will not start is the battery is dead. The dead battery can be caused by many different reasons and the main one happens to be when a light is left on. It may seem like such a small thing but if you forget to shut an interior light off and go in for the night the car will not start the next day. The light is pulling power from the battery and if the car is not running it is not being recharged. The battery after a few hours overnight will die. This means that there is not enough amps left to turn the car over and start it. The best way to get the car started is to call a towing company for a jumpstart.

Car Battery is Bad

There are factors that will cause the battery to drain but there are also times that the battery is just not good anymore. They are not a part of the car or truck that will last forever. Batteries do have a lifespan and they don’t all last the same. The battery should last a few years but depending on how it is used and the climate that you live in it can die out early. If you live somewhere that has high heat your battery will not be able to last as long. If you try and jumpstart the car and find out that the next time it is dead again you may need to replace the battery. You can have it tested and your car towed to a shop for replacement.

How to Tell if it’s Your Car Battery, Starter or Alternator

There are also things that may seem like the battery is the issue, but it can be your starter or alternator that also have a lot to do with the car starting. If you try and jumpstart the car and it does not work it may require your car to be towed. You want to make sure you have a tow company out for roadside assistance that way if it cannot be jumpstarted you can have it towed.

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